Captain’s log

Scrape, Sand, Paint, and Repeat

We are about to start our third week here on the ship and there is blessedly little to write about. I can remember as a deckhand trying to keep a journal and after weeks of writing, “today I sanded and painted and varnished,” I gave up!  I’m sure the deckhands of today feel the same as I did thirty odd years ago. Anyway, the gang has been hard at it servicing the blocks, varnishing the smaller spars, and preparing the deck boxes. All this work carries on in the rigging shed next to the museum.

ABS + 10 year inspection

April 9, 2024 

Here are a few paragraphs regarding our ten-year inspection. The TYI, following just five years after our five year inspection, is a standard inspection process for commercial vessels. The purpose is to ensure that we are keeping up with our regular maintenance and the natural wear and tear on the ship is not beyond the expected for a ship of our age. This process is on top of our usual annual inspections.


The end of another season

I’m sitting here in the chartroom with bright October sunshine streaming in through the porthole. I can hear the crew chipping at rusted metalwork on deck and smell the Deks Olje oil that they are spreading on top of the coach house. We have been using Deks Olje on the ship for over forty years, making us a good product testing ground!