Captain’s log

New Adventures and Ties to the Past

It’s a day of remembrance on our good ship today. This week I had the honour to represent Bluenose II at the celebration of life for Capt. Douglas Himmelman. I sailed aboard Bluenose II as Capt. Himmelman’s bosun/3rd officer. This was one of those gifts life gives you that you do not understand until it has passed and done. Capt. H was such an accomplished mariner with a breadth of experience rarely seen today. The master mariners in the church were impressive in their own right, mariners whose careers I hold as exemplary.

Bending on Sail

May 12th

Mother’s Day, a good day to remind our young crew to call home! It’s easy when you are off on a big adventure to become involved in the world around you and forget to water the garden on the home front. In my day as a deckhand, we would line up in the evening behind the Red and White grocery and take our turn at the payphone. We would laugh and fool around while we called partners and parents. It was a bonding experience that is missed now with cell phones and the age of instant communication.