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Captain's blog

Goodbyes, photoshoots, and boat chess.

Drone image of the Bluenose II laid out like a model kit: 1 captain 5 officers 14 deckhands 2 shore crew 8 sails 120 blocks 9 spars 2 dories 90 life jackets 8 life rings & other assorted ship fixtures

What a week it has been here in Lunenburg. The week began with the long-awaited departure of Picton Castle. First hobbled by Covid-19 and then by an unfortunate issue with a broken marine railway, Capt. Moreland and Picton Castle have been stuck in port for several years. We sent the crew along with horns to join the throng of well-wishers. It is such an emotional event to watch a vessel slip her lines. Ships are not built to stay at the wharf they must travel and exercise their crews, however, to watch so many friends and colleagues depart all at the same time tugs at the heart strings.

Work in all weather

How ridiculous has the weather been this week? Torrential rain and wind on Monday and by Wednesday we were all in parkas and wool watch caps. Fog, frost, sunshine, and rain, I'm sure you all have been watching your gardens and wondering when to plant. As the environment changes around us, the wisdom of our elders may no longer hold true anymore.