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 Ship builders working on restoring Bluenose II


Bluenose II is a schooner designed in the spirit of the original Bluenose. As a wooden vessel it requires regular maintenance.

Over the years, hogging has had a major effect on Bluenose II. Hogging is a term used to describe the distorting of the shape of the hull due to the forces of gravity and buoyancy. As the weight of the vessel pushes down, the water pushes up. The bow and the stern are pushed closer to the water. As the shape is distorted, it affects performance, safety and maintenance.


Returning Bluenose II to its original glory

The hull of Bluenose II has been completely rebuilt to eliminate hogging in the future and ensure the vessel remains a constant presence on our waters for decades to come. Bluenose II will also benefit from new mechanical and electrical systems.

Much of the original vessel will be reused including: rigging, masts, sails, ironwork, deck structures, safety equipment and electronics. Overall, the configuration of the deck will more closely resemble the original Bluenose, offering a more authentic experience for visitors and passengers.

The restoration work is being done by the Lunenburg Shipyard Alliance, made up of Covey Island Boat Works, Snyder's Shipyard and Lunenburg Industrial Foundry & Engineering.


Relaunch of Bluenose II

Watch the Bluenose II relaunch events, 29 September 2012, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada:

(Videos are on the Government of Nova Scotia Youtube Channel)

Returning Bluenose II to the province

After sea trials and testing, Bluenose II will be officially returned to the province of Nova Scotia.

View the Facebook photo gallery.


“When Bluenose II is sailing again, she will be showcasing the excellence in boat building skills that have always existed here. If my grandfather were here, he would simply say ‘I am proud of you all.’”

Captain Wayne Walters - grandson of Bluenose Captain Angus Walters