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Bluenose II crew working the sails

Life on Board

High above Bluenose II, two deckhands are aloft on the mast setting the topsails. Working almost 100 feet in the air, they are focused intently on the task at hand. They undo the knots and let down the line to the crew on deck below. As the sails unfurl, they pause to take in the moment. The feeling of being so high up is incredible. The view of the ocean stretching on for miles is stunning.

The experience of being part of the crew on Bluenose II is filled with unique moments. Some, such as setting the topsails, are grand and awe-inspiring. Others, like the particular sound of the wooden hull moving through the waves, are simple yet equally memorable. There are moments of pure calm at sea and moments that test one’s abilities. Together, they define a time that crew describe as life altering - serving and sailing aboard Bluenose II.

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